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Portfolio Management

AI powered IPMS

Modern case management with integrated AI, the first of its kind.


Automatic and manual task management.

Automated docketing

Easy docketing with automated processes and workflows.

Client portal

Give your clients access to their data securely.

Global IP laws engine

Every IP rule and law to manage your business the way you need to.
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AI Copilot

Patent drafting

Input claims and use AI to generate a patent specification.


Generate an invention disclosure including a novelty search.


Generate reports from any document in an instant with AI.

AI analyst

Your personal AI assistant for any document or file.


Translate any document into another language.
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Managed Renewals

Comprehensive renewals service for you and your customers.

Connected network

Connect to your existing suppliers or tap into a global agent network.


Centralised dashboard for easy renewal management.

Client flow

Allow clients to renew or lapse renewals directly with you.


Clear, real-time overview of renewal actives across all your clients.
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Brand Protection

Global Coverage

Comprehensive monitoring across international markets.

Automated Enforcement

Swift automatic actions against IP infringements.

Analytics and Reporting

Detailed insights through intuitive data visualization.

Collaborative Tools

Enhance teamwork between brands and IP professionals.

Unified IP Management

Manage all IP activities in one platform.
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Managed Service

Support on demand

Cover short term challenges or periods of high importance.

Outsource with ease

Highly experienced IP service teams with hands on experience.


Docketing, filing, IDs management and IP administration you need.

Up your IP admin game

Help improve your overall paralegal services function.

Unlock value

Free up time for other higher value tasks.
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Instant quotes

Produce quotes for the entire IP lifecycle to send to your clients.

Real time official fees

No need to track official fees, we do all the hard work.

Agent collaboration

Invite your foreign agents to input their fees with a click of a button.

Client profiles

Set up custom profiles and pricing for each of your clients.

Custom settings

Manage FX, currencies, variations in pricing tables, and much more.
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