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For patent attorneys and inhouse IP managers

Use AI to focus on more strategic aspects of patent prosecution.

RightHub AI creates a space for you to benefit from AI replacing your mundane tasks, getting started quicker and driving more value for your client. AI also makes it easy for your inventors to brainstorm their ideas and and run AI powered novelty searches to potentially find similar patent documents.
Illustration of AI analyst chatbox
AI analyst
Helping you handling all types of questions related to a document.
Illustration of AI responding
Communication reporting
For summarising and reporting any type of communication to your client - including retrieving of cited prior art.
Illustration of invetion disclosure UI
Invention disclosure
For drafting of invention disclosures and quick novelty searches related to it including prior art retrieval.
Illustration of various country flags as buttons
Assisted drafting
For drafting introductory parts of patent applications in minutes.

Custom prompts speed up your workflow

Select a word, phrase or a whole paragraph and watch AI work.
Illustration of drafting toolbar interface
Illustration of drafting toolbar interfaceIllustration of 'Consult AI' context menuIllustration of 'Translate' menu

Think data. Think privacy.

We understand the importance of protecting your sensitive information and implement robust measures to make sure your data stays yours.
Data storage and retention
Your data is only visible to you and your team.
Data security
Encryption, firewalls, secure facilities and access rights.
Data processing
Encrypted data, powered by Google Cloud servers (EU).
No training on your data
We never train our model off customers data.
Your data is encrypted and protected day and night.
ISO Certified
Our security program is built on the ISO 27001 framework.

Introducing your AI analyst.

Simply upload a document and see how AI can automatically speed up your process.

Don’t just take our word for it

"I have had the pleasure of using Righthub's suite of tools over an extended period of time and have been consistently impressed with the results. The time-savings the tools provide by carrying out many of the more "mundane" tasks of patent preparation and prosecution, allow me to focus my efforts on the more strategic aspects of patent prosecution, ultimately generating more value for my clients. I am excited to see what the future has to bring.”
Fredrik Möllborn
U.S. Patent Agent and Partner Norens Patentbyrå AB
"I like the innovative approach employed in this AI-powered tool. By utilizing manually drafted claims as a foundation, it allows patent attorneys to focus on the exciting and creative aspects of claim drafting, which I greatly appreciate. The generated summary's quality surpassed my expectations, showcasing the tool's exceptional capabilities. I'm excited to see how this tool evolves and contributes to the field."
Mikko Piironen
European Patent Attorney – Papula Nevinpat
"Using the RightHub copilot AI drafting tool, we become more efficient in drafting patent specifications. Most importantly, we improve the quality of our patent drafting across the pool of new inventions. Thanks to the tool, we can foster a more inclusive and creative patent drafting process, in which inventors and patent attorneys are able to ‘convert’ inventions to patent drafts quicker. At the same time, the tool helps us explore the ‘idea landscape’ surrounding the invention to secure our uniqueness in a more controlled fashion."
Danielle Lewensohn, MSc, PhD
Director of IPR Management, RaySearch Laboratories AB
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