Welcome Christian and Lisa at RightHub

We're delighted to introduce our two new team members, Lisa Rohan and Christian Hafner, joining RightHub today. Christian, a European Patent Attorney, and Lisa, an IP paralegal with 16 years of experience, have co-founded SwiPr, a venture simplifying patent renewals. We're proud to integrate SwiPr's expertise into RightHub.
Stay tuned as we explore their journeys and insights in the intellectual property landscape.
“I got to know both Lisa and Christian over the past 18 months or so and anyone who knows them has always been extremely complementary about them as individuals and professionals. Really happy to have them both join us and bring their capabilities and energy into the RightHub team” says Toni Nijm, CEO of RightHub.
We asked Lisa and Christian a few questions:

Christian’s answers:

  1. Why did you join RightHub? First of all, developing products and working with AI (and especially Large Language Models) for various use cases and purposes in the IP space was something I could not say “No” to, so when Toni presented the idea, I was really “on” and totally game. The second and probably equally important reason is that I spend 8h+ on the job every day and I want to do it with fun people who like what they are doing (at least most of the time 😊) and that is the vibe I got from RightHub.
  2. What are you going to work with at RightHub? I’m going to be taking the lead on a new and exciting platform largely powered by AI and workflow management with the objective of transforming the way IP attorneys innovate and create IP in a very collaborative way. We will be revealing some news very soon. Stay Tuned 😊.
  3. How do you think the IP industry will look like in 5 years? I think the industry will change quite dramatically over the next few years, not the least because of the use of LLM’s, cloud and data connectivity. Hopefully the pricing and in many cases even the service accessibility will be more transparent, customer-oriented and simplified. RightHub’s objective is to become THE platform for future-thinking innovators and IP professionals and from that perspective, I think some aspects of the IP industry will have to change to align with the trends and development in other industries, such as becoming a lot more focussed on generating value than creating administrative burden to the customers and IP professionals. We want to drive that shift and mindset.
  4. Tell us a bit about your background? I’m originally from Switzerland but moved to Sweden about 10 years ago to make it easy for our American friends😊. Work-wise, I am a Construction Engineer who became a European Patent Attorney and I have experience from working in the construction industry, among others in China, before I started my IP journey in Switzerland. When I am not working, I love spending time with my family and friends doing outdoor activities like mountainbiking/downhill, picking mushrooms, running, watching my daughter play football and so on.

Lisa’s answers:

  1. Why did you join RightHub? I had the opportunity to listen to and meet with Toni Nijm 1,5 years ago and felt curious about his vision and ideas for the future IP horizon that he presented a draft of at the seminar he held. Since I have been working both at an IP authority and an IP Law firm previously, it simply was appealing and caught my attention to hear about this new and somewhat different approach to the IP industry.
  2. What are you going to work with at RightHub? I will be focussing on certain special projects within the company that require deep IP knowledge, strong IP software orientation as well as customers’ workflows and pain points.
  3. How do you think the IP industry will look like in 5 years? It’s hard to predict how far everything will have come in 5 years, since it’s already developing so rapidly. The future of our industry will surely change for the better to the client. A shift from more conservative and traditional ways of handling services to more effective tools and automatization, I believe it is inevitable and which is why RightHub is such an exciting company, that dares to take on that challenge. This, however, without losing the security and safety required due to the nature of our industry, of course.
  4. Tell us a bit about your background? I grew up in a half-Czech/half-Swedish family, and that should tell you about everything, right ;-)? Music has always been important to me and there were moments when I had ideas of having it as a profession in some way. I then discovered that the world is just full of other interesting things to get into and the IP industry opened the doors to meeting creative people that want to make a difference and I got hooked. In my free time I love taking long walks/runs, losing myself in a grand novel (it is a life saviour sometimes), but mostly to spend my free time together with my family and friends. 😊
Welcome, Christian and Lisa!