This Week In Review: Week 6

Who Owns Your ChatGPT Output?

Published by JD Supra
With all the buzz lately surrounding ChatGPT the question arises -
 who owns the output when you 
use it for commercial purposes? Unfortunately, the answer is probably not you.

The American Bar Association (ABA) has requested the Supreme Court Justices to consider a three-part test as the Supreme Court case on extraterritorial trademark disputes intensifies.

Published by IPWatchdog
The American Bar Association (ABA) filed an amicus brief with the U.S. Supreme Court on February 3rd asking the Court to clarify issues related to the application of the Lanham Act to trademark disputes that cross international borders. The brief was filed in the case of Abitron Austria GmbH v. Hetronic International, Inc., a trademark dispute in which the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit upheld a $90 million damage award for trademark infringement that largely took place outside of the United States.

Breaking News - Hermès Makes History With First NFT Trademark Trial Victory

Published by JD Supra
A jury in New York City has ruled in favor of luxury fashion house Hermès in its historic trademark dispute against digital artist Mason Rothschild, relating to the brand's famous Birkin handbag. The verdict resulted in Hermès being awarded a total of $133,000 in damages for trademark infringement, dilution, and cybersquatting.

Lizzo Granted Trademark for '100% THAT Bitch' in Reversal After Application Was Rejected

Published by People
Lizzo has received a federal trademark for "100% THAT Bitch," the well-known lyric from her 2017 single "Truth Hurts," after her previous application was denied last year.

Is it possible for any commonly known brand with stripes to assert trademark infringement on all striped logos? Adidas v. Thom Browne Says No

Published by JDSupra
Adidas recently lost its highly publicized trademark infringement lawsuit against luxury fashion brand Thom Browne, stemming from Thom Browne's use of a four-stripe logo design resembling Adidas' famous three-stripe logo, in use since the 1950s.