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This Week In Review: Week 41

Caltech Ends Wi-Fi Chip Patent Lawsuit Against Apple and Broadcom

Originally posted by Reuters
The California Institute of Technology has reached an agreement to end a patent lawsuit against Apple and Broadcom over Wi-Fi chips, filed in 2016, alleging patent infringement by Apple devices. Caltech has decided to dismiss the billion-dollar case with prejudice, following a jury's previous award of $837.8 million to Apple and $270.2 million to Broadcom in 2020, which was later overturned and led to a scheduled trial being postponed indefinitely.
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Pet Shop Boys Call Out Drake for Uncredited Interpolation of "West End Girls"

Originally posted by Billboard
The Pet Shop Boys have criticized Drake for not crediting them when he interpolated their 1986 hit "West End Girls" on his song "All the Parties" from his album "For All the Dogs." The English synth-pop duo took issue with the lack of credit or permission for the use of their song's chorus in Drake's track.
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Supreme Court Declines to Rule on Celebrity Persona Use in Movies as Trademark Infringement

Originally posted by The Fashion Law
The Supreme Court will not rule on whether the Lanham Act applies to the unauthorized use of a celebrity's persona in a commercial movie as trademark infringement, a case brought by Paule McKenna, the estate executor of actor Christopher Jones, against Sony Pictures Entertainment. In the lawsuit, McKenna argued that Sony's use of Jones's name and likeness in the film "Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood" violated the Lanham Act, but the California Court of Appeal found that there was no protectable trademark or trade dress interest in Jones's name and likeness.
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Reddit's Copyright Takedown Notices Increase While User Bans Drop

Originally posted by TorrentFreak
Reddit's latest transparency report reveals an increase in copyright takedown notices but a decline in user and subreddit bans related to copyright infringements, with Reddit attributing the decline to prior suspensions for other policy violations.
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Samsung Files Lawsuit to Challenge Netlist's Patent Claims

Originally posted by Reuters
Samsung has initiated a lawsuit in a Delaware federal court, seeking a ruling that its memory modules do not infringe Netlist's patent or a declaration that Netlist failed to offer fair license terms for the technology in question, following Netlist's previous $303 million win in a separate case over technology used in high-performance computing.
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