This Week In Review: Week 32

Revolutionary Anti-Piracy Legislation Enacted to Safeguard Film Industry in India

Originally posted by The Tribune
In India, the nation has recently approved a legislation criminalizing film piracy, imposing prison sentences and fines on perpetrators. Unauthorized film recording or transmission now constitutes a criminal act, with a minimum three-month and maximum three-year prison term, coupled with a fine and an extra penalty of 5% of the film's production cost. Alongside these punitive measures, the law grants authority to central and state governments to block websites engaged in digital piracy, offering rightsholders a means to counter unlawful distribution of their content.
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Copyright Victory: Moonbug Awarded $23 Million in High-Profile Case

Originally posted by Kidscreen
Moonbug has been granted a significant $23 million in a major copyright case, underscoring the importance of protecting intellectual property. The ruling emphasizes the value of copyright enforcement in digital content landscapes.
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Controversial Game 'The Last Hope' Pulled from Nintendo eShop Amid Copyright Dispute

Originally posted by Eurogamer
"The Last Hope: Dead Zone Survival," a game resembling "The Last of Us," has been removed from the Nintendo eShop due to a copyright claim by Sony. The game's trailers were also taken down, and despite initial availability, it garnered harsh criticism as an "absolute disaster," with Digital Foundry dubbing it one of the worst games ever tested.
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Dua Lipa Faces $20M Copyright Claim Over 'Levitating' Remixes

Originally posted by MSN
Musician Bosko Kante has filed a multi-million dollar copyright claim against singer Dua Lipa for unauthorized use of his talk box recording in remixes of her hit single "Levitating." The lawsuit alleges that while Dua Lipa had permission for the original recording, subsequent remixes and performances utilized the talk box without authorization.
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AFP Sues Musk's X Social Media Over Payment Dispute for Content Distribution

Originally posted by Reuters
Agence France-Presse (AFP) has filed a lawsuit against Elon Musk's X social media platform, formerly Twitter, for allegedly refusing discussions on payment for distributing AFP's content. AFP cites France's "neighbouring rights" copyright law, while Musk criticized the claim, and X has not responded to comments.
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