This Week In Review: Week 25

Lawsuit Accuses Twitter of Profiting from Copyright Infringement and Failing to Terminate Repeat Offenders

Originally posted by TorrentFreak
Major music publishers, including Universal Music, Sony Music, and EMI, have sued Twitter for enabling widespread copyright infringement. The publishers accuse Twitter of neglecting to respond to takedown notices and lacking a proper policy to terminate repeat infringers. They claim that Twitter profits from music piracy, monetizing infringing content while depriving rightsholders of compensation. The lawsuit demands maximum statutory damages for over 1,600 musical works, potentially amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars.
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Bipartisan US Bill Proposes Stripping Section 230 Immunity from AI Models, Holding Them Accountable for Content

Originally posted by The Economic Times
A bipartisan bill in the United States seeks to eliminate Section 230 immunity for AI models like GPT-3, potentially holding them liable for any harmful or misleading content they generate. The bill aims to address concerns about the accountability and responsibility of AI systems in the context of online content generation.
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Music Industry Giants Challenge Belgium's Copyright Reform in Constitutional Court

Originally posted by The IPKat
Spotify, Sony Music, and Streamz, among others, have challenged Belgium's copyright reform in front of the Constitutional Court. The reform introduced a non-waivable right to remuneration for authors and performers from streaming platforms, which is being contested by the music industry players.
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Apple's Trademark Quest: Challenging Swiss Fruit Growers' Logo Rights

Originally posted by Wired
Apple's attempts to gain intellectual property rights over depictions of apples, including the logo of the Fruit Union Suisse, the oldest fruit farmer's organization in Switzerland, have raised concerns.
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USPTO Seeks Feedback on New Office Establishments, Extends Comment Deadline

Originally posted by IPWatchdog
The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has republished its Request for Comments (RFC) regarding the establishment of a new regional office in the southeast region and four community outreach offices, extending the comment deadline. The RFC is in response to the Unleashing American Innovators Act and seeks input on location preferences, services, and engagement strategies for improving accessibility and support for inventors and stakeholders.
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