This Week In Review: Week 20

INTA Annual Meeting 2023

Originally posted by INTA
INTA is an annual meeting organised by the International Trademark Association. This year it took place in Singapore, and served as a gathering for brand owners and professionals dedicated to trademarks and intellectual property.
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Luxury Watchmaker Audemars Piguet Combines NFTs and Trademarks in New Strategy

Originally posted by The Fashion Law
Audemars Piguet's trademark application for its Royal Oak watch face configuration was questioned by the USPTO due to concerns about source indication. The company defended the mark, emphasizing its function as a trademark and its intention to use it for source identification, including exploring NFT technology for authentication and traceability.
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The Use of AI Performers: Balancing Intellectual Property Rights and AI Platform Profits

Originally posted by China Daily
The use of artificial intelligence to create virtual singers raises legal concerns regarding potential infringements on intellectual property rights, including image rights and the use of unique vocal models and singing styles. Draft regulations released by the Cyberspace Administration of China aim to define the rights, obligations, and liabilities of AI platform companies and original intellectual property rights owners, promoting the standardized application of generative AI technologies.
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Copyright Concerns Arise as Poland's Eurovision Entry is Similar to Clean Bandit's Hit

Originally posted by Mirror
Poland's Eurovision entry, Blanka's "Solo," has raised copyright concerns as it bears similarities to Clean Bandit's hit of the same name, prompting experts to discuss a potential copyright infringement.
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Ed Sheeran's Copyright Case - the Balance Between Protection and Creativity

Originally posted by The Conversation
Ed Sheeran's recent copyright case highlights the complexities of protecting musical compositions, with debates over what constitutes protectable elements and the potential impact on future creativity, emphasizing the delicate balance between safeguarding past originality and allowing for a common creative culture.
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