This Week In Review: Week 38

UK Judge Utilizes AI for Legal Judgments

Originally posted by Max Walters, IP Management
Lord Justice Colin Birss, a judge at the England and Wales Court of Appeal, used ChatGPT to assist in writing a portion of a judgment, marking the first known use of AI by a UK judge. While this sparked concerns and debates about AI's role in the legal system, Lord Birss used ChatGPT cautiously, requesting a summary of a familiar area of law rather than relying on it for critical content, demonstrating that AI can help expedite legal processes when used carefully.
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Sonos Scores Another Victory Over Google in Patent Dispute

Originally posted by The Register
In a long-lasting legal battle between Sonos and Google, an International Trade Commission (ITC) judge dismissed Google's copyright infringement claims against Sonos regarding four patents. The judge determined that Sonos had successfully demonstrated the invalidity of the patent claims brought by Google, marking another victory for Sonos in their ongoing legal disputes with Google over intellectual property.
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Taiwan Sees Surge in 'Green' Trademarks, Reflecting Eco-Friendly Trend

Originally posted by IAM Media
The Taiwan IP Office (TIPO) has released a report on the rise of 'green' trademarks over the past decade, revealing that these environmentally friendly trademarks accounted for approximately 15% of all trademark applications during this period, reflecting a growing focus on sustainability in the intellectual property and business sectors. The report highlights the top categories for green trademark applications, with energy saving, pollution control, and energy products being the most prominent areas, and identifies Uni-President Enterprise, Apple, and Alibaba Group as the main applicants for green trademarks in Taiwan. Additionally, the report suggests that implementing green trademark strategies can help businesses align with international climate change and net-zero emission goals while attracting environmentally conscious consumers.
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Ownership Disagreement: DC Rejects 'Fables' Public Domain Assertion by Creator

Originally posted by IGN
Bill Willingham has declared that he has released his hit comic series "Fables" into the public domain, citing a breakdown in his business relationship with DC Comics, prompting DC to dispute his claims and assert their ownership of the property while indicating a readiness to protect their intellectual property rights through legal action.
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ImmerVision Inc. Sues Apple for Royalties Amid iPhone 15 Launch

Originally posted by Christopher Yasiejko, Bloomberg Law
Apple Inc. initiated preorders for its four iPhone 15 models on Friday, but before noon, the tech giant faced a lawsuit filed by ImmerVision Inc., a Canadian tech company, seeking royalties for purported patent infringement related to an ultra-wide lens. ImmerVision already has three ongoing cases in Delaware federal court, accusing various iPhone models and the iPad Pro 2021 of infringing patents connected to the lenses in Apple's flagship devices.
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