Brand Protection

Criminals are exploiting your brand and products! Fight back and claim what rightfully belongs to you. Harness the power of artificial intelligence and work collaboratively with your lawyer and gain control of your distribution and revenue.
Connecting IP Records to Brand Protection activities provides more automation and better results as we know where we can take action successfully. We protect your brands on over 500 of the world's biggest sites - We interrupt the counterfeit supply chain from its core. In total in 2021 we removed counterfeits for an estimated value of €150 million.
Preliminary Search
Manage user access for your colleagues, clients, and agents
Trademark Watch
Understand your exposure online and get recommendations for how to claim what is rightfully yours
Brand Monitoring
Get monthly notifications of potential infringements online you can take action against
Brand protection solution
Bring a whole new level of overview to your online presence with this seamless experience
Included in this package
Brand Protection
RightHub builds bridges between your IP portfolio and OBP findings. Providing even more valuable insights, business intelligence and gap analyses. Don't waste time pursuing items that you have insufficient IP rights to enforce. Instead, use this knowledge to cover your gaps and strengthen your IP strategy.
Simon Lotze - aera
RightHub harnesses the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms and a wide variety of web scraping techniques, to scan the deepest recesses of the internet for infringements on your products freeing up your time to spend on growing your business.
Tom Nener - Pinsent Masons
Let's build the new industry standard together - RightHub is built to enable law firms to continue supporting innovation and generate more revenue.