Intern Day at RightHub 2023

This year, to celebrate National Intern Day, we talked to Ivan Stoyanov, one of our Junior Frontend Developers. Ivan's journey with us began as a Frontend Developer Intern, and his professional growth and contributions to RightHub have made him a true asset to our team.

What were your titles during your internship and now as a full-time employee?
Ivan: During my six months internship I was a “Frontend Developer Intern”. Now, as I transitioned to a full-time employee my role progressed to a “Junior Frontend Developer”. So, there weren't significant title changes.
What do you think were the most valuable things you learned as an intern?
Ivan: I believe in continuous learning and evolving, regardless of titles. Professional work taught me the importance of a strong work ethic, adaptability, critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making. The working environment at RightHub sharpened my skills, taught me to embrace change, and seek guidance when needed. I discovered how to leverage diverse skills, communicate and coordinate effectively with the team and the value of a warm and super friendly team culture.
How did your colleagues support you during your internship?
Ivan: During my internship, my colleagues provided invaluable support in various ways. They were always willing to answer my questions and offer guidance whenever I encountered challenges. They shared their expertise and knowledge, helping me understand the intricacies of the work and provide feedback. Additionally, they created a supportive and inclusive atmosphere, making me feel like a valued member of the team. Their encouragement and willingness to collaborate contributed significantly to my learning and personal development.
Why did you choose to stay at RightHub as a full-time employee?
Ivan: I am genuinely inspired by the opportunity to collaborate with a team of highly skilled and passionate professionals. The collective expertise and dedication of my colleagues at RightHub motivate me and definitely fuel my enthusiasm for further professional growth in Web Development. Working alongside them empowers me to continuously learn and contribute to meaningful real-world projects. I am excited to actively contribute to a positive impact within the company while driving growth and success through development of new innovative digital solutions.
We're thrilled to have Ivan as part of our team, driving growth and making a positive impact with his expertise.

Our Community Manager, Lei Frisdahl Kristensen, who often provides mentorship and guidance for our interns, shares her thoughts on the internship culture at RightHub:

We have great experience with internships at RightHub, in fact a large part of our current, permanent employees have started in different types of internships.
For us, it's important that we have adequate resources to welcome the intern. We need to have time to prepare and execute an onboarding for the intern, so they feel welcome and as part of the team and the company. If we don't have the resources to make sure the intern takes away from the experience, as well as us gaining from the collaboration, then it's not the right time.
Then we also try to pair the intern with a primary mentor, so they know who to go to for questions and have someone they feel confident around in the beginning.
Internships are a fantastic way to see if there's a match from both sides. Our company culture is very valuable, and we want people who can see them selves in that environment and posses the same passion and engagement.